Here are the Dangers of Abortion

Medical abortion has some dangerous complications, but they are very rare:

  • Substantial bleeding/hemorrhage: necessitating a blood transfusion. It is a very rare danger, but if it happens to you, you must seek emergency medical help at once.
  • “Incomplete abortion”: it is when the uterus could not remove all of the pregnancy tissues. If you experience an incomplete abortion, your clinic should dispose a larger dose of the medication for you, a surgical interference, or closely monitors your case. It depends professional medical assessment. “Incomplete abortions” happens in 2-3% of all medical abortions.
  • Infection-Endometritis: (An infection inside the womb) is a very rare danger that happens in medical abortion with a 0.1-0.9%.
  • “Failed abortion”: 1 and 14 in 1000 cases of medical abortion experience failed abortion where the pregnancy continue despite the use of abortion drugs.
  • Thrombosis (Clots in the legs or lungs): This occurs naturally during pregnancy and it is a risk of surgery too. This danger will increase with a higher gestation.
  • Death: This “never” happens in medical abortion, only one in million.

Post written by Sabrina Herrera, author at The Huffington Post, CNN, and Technorati. She can be reached at


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