Dangers and Failure Rates of Surgical Abortion

Your clinic will always ask you for your medical history before planning a medical abortion to make sure you are completely safe. Surgical abortion might be the best option for some women depending on their past medical conditions, and some women should ditch abortion clinics altogether and do their abortion in a hospital for safety reasons.

Surgical abortion is a procedure that employ tender pulling out of pregnancy tissue from inside the womb. It is much safer when applied before 12 weeks gestation, and poses more dangers and complications the longer the pregnancy continues. Some clinics would do terminations up to 24 weeks. There are several ways of doing surgical abortion such as local anesthetic, or conscious sedation, and at higher gestations, some clinics would do it under a general anesthetic.

Few women experience any complications with surgical abortion. Nonetheless, you are likely to go through slight abdominal pain and some minor vaginal releases or bleeding after doing the procedure. This will probably fade away in a few days after the procedure.

In 2014, the rate of substantial dangers from surgical abortion dropped dramatically and is now around one in 1000 abortions.

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